Birthday Boys

Yesterday, Saturday, for the Big Dog’s birthday we took Zeke and headed up to the high country looking for snow. It was sad how long it took us to get there (the snow levels being so meager this year), but once we arrived it was a brisk and invigorating day. Most exciting was the bear we saw on the way up. I was looking out the car window and, suddenly, down below the highway on Salmon Creek (tributary of the North Fork of the Yuba River) on the edge of the water was a real live bear. I’ve rarely seen one in the wild and this one was a beauty.

Does anyone know what type of bear this is?




Zeke enjoying the funny white stuff on the ground ~

4-11-2015 Packer Saddle (6)4-11-2015 Packer Saddle (5)


There’s no such thing as retirement for the Big Dog ~

1-12-2015 Tim1-2-2015 Tim Planting Trees (4)


In India ~

10-30-2006 Kerala (22)11-3-2006 Ashima & Inder's Party (1)


One of my favourite photos of Tim (back when he had long hair 🙂 ) ~

9-21-2006 Ananda Lane Morning (11)