Catnip – No Foolin’

It’s April Fools Day and although this is not a joke, it is amusing.

I’ve given Brigitte catnap many times and she’s pretty much turned up her nose at it. For some reason, though, she’s now taken a real liking to it. She’s ten years old and acting like a kitten again. Chasing little kitty balls around the house, tearing around the furniture as if her tail is on fire…

I usually put it on her little scratching board and now she hangs around there much of the time like a junkie on a street corner. However, after a bit of research, I have put her on rations and try to find ways to distract her from her goal of scoring a daily hit. Not because it’s harmful, but because she will become immune to it if “blessed” too often. And the Big Dog and I are having too much fun watching her antics.

3-4-2015 Brigitte (1)
Too Much Fun
3-4-2015 Brigitte (2)
“Help me!”
3-28-2015 Brigitte (1)
3-28-2015 Brigitte (2)
“If you don’t talk to your cat about catnip, who will?”

Anybody else have stories of animals gone crazy?