What’s for Breakfast?

Although I enjoy them, I don’t poach eggs. It seems rather complicated and I’m not patient enough for the process. A few weeks ago I was at William Sonoma and spotted an egg poacher. Wonderful! Poached eggs and the poacher does the work.

Here is my simple little breakfast of fried potatoes and poached eggs. Normally, I would chop fresh garlic and red onions for the potatoes, but since it was just me — the Big Dog being at work — I took the shortcut of garlic powder and onion powder, along with my usual bit of salt, pepper and rosemary. I jumped the gun a little with the eggs and they came apart as I slid them onto the potatoes, but it was still a nice little breakfast to start off the day.

2-19-2015 Breakfast
Fried Potatoes and (sloppy) Poached Eggs, All Rights Reserved

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone! Peace be with you….