My Nickel’s Worth ~ Twirling

On the news this morning – to which I normally lend half an ear – there was some scandal about a female tennis player being asked to twirl in celebration. Gasp! Buffalo-Five-Cents-Reverse

It seems many people took exception to this request regarding it as anti-female or some such thing(s). A man being asked to flex his muscles or give a big bass shout out is regarded as strong and dominant. A woman being asked to express her femininity in celebration is somehow seen as diminished.

Au contraire. Twirling for me is an expression of joy, creativity and spontaneity. No, I’m not a Sufi. Or a Deadhead. Just a woman who since childhood loved twirling to Swan Lake and various rock ‘n’ roll songs and feels empowered by doing so.

Never has it felt diminishing. Nor could being asked to do so (not that anyone ever has) make me feel diminished. Nor does it in actuality diminish me. I dare you to say it does. I Double-Dog dare you!

And that’s my nickel’s worth.


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