Oh, Deer

With the relatively mild winters we’ve experienced these past few years the wildlife population has, naturally, increased to a great degree. Deer and turkeys especially enjoy free rein in these parts. Geese are also a growing problem. It’s not unusual to see a flock of 40 or more hanging around the yards and ponds around us.

Then there’s also been the very strange phenomenon of flocks of pigeons. I mean LOTS. Landing with a WHOOSH, scratching and pecking and then moments later another gust of wind as they take off to parts unknown. Right in my yard not ten feet from the house. I don’t have to see them; I can hear them as they land and take off. This has not happened before and memories of The Birds come flooding back. Not fun for someone who has always been somewhat afraid of winged creatures. Tippi Hedren, I feel you.

Anyhow. We have one of the few fenced yards in the area in an attempt to keep critters from snacking on our many fruit trees and smaller gardening endeavors, but for the past couple of weeks this youngster has been picking the lock and enjoying private dining experiences while his mother, sibling and the rest of the herd stay on the “safe” side of the fence.

Score! ‘Cafe Lisa!’ and I have it all to myself!

2-11-2015 Deer (1)
Suddenly he notices a different scent on the wind…

2-11-2015 Deer (2)

I’ve been spotted!

2-11-2015 Deer (3)

And he’s off!

2-11-2015 Deer (4)

But, wait! What’s this?

2-11-2015 Deer (5)

A scrumptious berry bush planted by a previous homeowner. Contentment reigns. All is well.

2-11-2015 Deer (6)


Until I open the kitchen door a few moments later. WHOOSH! Over the fence and through the woods! Sorry, couldn’t get a photo of that one.



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