Summer Camp Dreaming: Turntable Kitchen Review: February Pairings Box

This is a very cool idea regarding combining two of my favourite things — food and music — through Turntable Kitchen. Thank you, Aquaberry Bliss, for blogging about this!

Aquaberry Bliss

This month’s Turntable Kitchen Pairings Box would have been great for the dead of winter! Luckily for me, it’s been 60 and sunny and seems like an early Spring.

One of my favorite things about subscription service Turntable Kitchen is access to all of the music and mixtapes online since you’ve been a subscriber. I can access all the curated mixes and download zipfiles so I can enjoy this great music all the time. Matthew, the music editor of Turntable Kitchen does a fantastic job of finding music that pairs perfectly with an evening of fine dining, or just for putting you in a great mood.

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