My Nickel’s Worth ~ Enunciation

Laziness of speech. When did it begin? There are times when people’s enunciation makes me wonder what the future of the spoken word will be. And then I find myself falling into the trap and want to read my tongue the riot act. The lazy thing!

It’s: “To” not “ta” (to, two, too)

It’s: “For” not “fer” (for, four)

It’s: “our” not “r” (our, hour)

It’s especially disturbing when I hear news reporters, teachers or other leaders of society falling into the trap. Regional and cultural speech differences aside — for instance, some southerners’ charming way of dropping a “g” (“good mornin’ my darlin’ one”) — this just feels lazy. I don’t recall when it started, but it’s probably too late to turn back now.

And that’s my nickel’s worth. Buffalo-Five-Cents-Reverse


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