About Me

I’m a native Californian currently residing in a small town in the Gold Country. Welcome! I hope you enjoy your visit to my small place in this world! Thursday’s Child aka Lisa

Inspiration: My Spiritual Path which encompasses Truth teachings of East and West.

Best Friend: My Husband, the Big Dog

Likes: Music, Poetry, Raja Yoga, Travel, Animals, Silence, Solitude, Road Trips, Cooking, Baking, Reading, Hiking, NBA games, Old Photographs

Dislikes: the sound of power tools. I could go on and on with dislikes, but why?

Favourite Places: San Francisco, Rishikesh, Deserts, Wide-Open Spaces, the Sea, Mountains, Meadows… nature, nature, nature ~

Fun Times: Driving across the U.S. with my young daughter in 1990. Touring Italy singing an Oratorio with a church choir in 2000. Sabbatical in Assisi, Italy winter of 2003-04. Pilgrimage to India in 2004. Living in India 2006-2010. Looking forward to pilgrimage to Israel in the Fall 2015.

What I miss: India. Would love to visit again someday.
What I don’t miss: Living in India.

What I like in people: kindness
What I dislike in people: negativity

You’ll notice I did not say “what kind of people I don’t like,” or “what kind of people I do like.” I believe we are all a mixture of so many things. We can’t be put in one box. I am inspired, though, by those who use their life to better themselves and by doing so better the world around them.


6 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Lisa – Hi share your preference for silence and solitude… exactly what we value in our sea travel. Thank you for following our adventures in sailing and photography…. and yeah for spunky Bengal cats 🙂 Chris

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  2. Thank you for your comment on my blog Lisa — I have become a little cynical about all the people who appear to like and follow blogs without having anything in common, but from the glimpse your blog provides me, I feel I will enjoy reading it! Xx

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