Mandolin Attacks Thumb – Pinkie Saved by Three Digits

If the sight of a little blood disturbs you ~ skip this post.

The Culprit:

2-15-2015 Mandolin Attack (1)


The Victim:

2-15-2015 Mandolin Attack (2)


The thumb refused medical assistance at the scene. A couple of Advil and some bandaging was all that was required. It is now resting comfortably and even engaged in a bit of afternoon baking. The culprit is on probation until further notice.

2-15-2015 Mandolin Attack (3)


2 thoughts on “Mandolin Attacks Thumb – Pinkie Saved by Three Digits

  1. I love blood n guts (it’s the medical field in me) hehe…looks painful and glad the advil helped…yes make sure that shredder stays grounded until you heal at least lol…the thumb may need bed rest at best lol…but sorry to hear you got hurt..better luck next time..have a wonderful Sunday…Suzette

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