First, I Breathe

I always find it helpful to begin my yoga postures with simple controlled breathing exercises. It helps the body’s energies to become more balanced and calms the mind so that I can focus more deeply on the postures. Usually, I begin with a few rounds of simple measured breathing. Inhaling through both nostrils and filling my lungs from the bottom up ~ counting to 12, holding for 12 counts, exhaling completely to the count of 12 and immediately beginning again.

Breathing in, I feel my scattered energies gathering in the spine
Breathing out, cares and plans for the day melt away
The body relaxes and new life flows through me
I am centered in the Now

Sometimes it takes a few rounds of deep breathing to feel this affirmation coursing through me, but always, always at some point it takes hold and I am grateful for the technique that allows me to release stress and just Be in this perfect moment. Nothing and no one – not even my own mental citizens – can intrude on this moment in time.

Northern CA Lake, All Rights Reserved

 For the Present is the moment where time touches eternity — C.S. Lewis


4 thoughts on “First, I Breathe

  1. Hi Brenda! Thanks for stopping by my blog 🙂 Yes, I do love hatha yoga. The lake photo is somewhere in Northern California, but my husband and I take so many road trips I can’t remember which lake this is! I think even at the time we were having a challenge figuring out exactly what lake it was. I remember it was very peaceful and I even have some fun photos of him doing a couple of yoga postures on that log 🙂


  2. What a gorgeous lake! And I, too, find yoga an essential in my life, and sometimes I think about how many years I never gave one thought to breath! Your blog is beautiful, and I am so pleased you “knocked on my door” so that I had a chance to meet you! Debra

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