Refugees Seek Sanctuary

I was looking over some letters that I had written during the few months I lived in Assisi, Italy about ten years ago. Here is one that I thought might amuse you:

Dear Friends,

Saturday we had some local residents seeking sanctuary. At least I believe they were local. I haven’t gotten the full story as yet.

I saw them first. I was going for a short walk just a little ways from my house when I heard a noise on the other side of the fence I was walking beside. A constant “swish, swish, swish.” It reminded me of the turkeys I used to hear in the mountains when I would take a seclusion. At first I thought they were hunters, so I started looking through the fence so they would know I was there — and not a bird to be shot!

Anyhow, I saw the group of refugees — about eight or ten — walking along the other side of the fence in the same direction as myself. I decided to just keep walking and eventually, up ahead, they came out in front of me. I stopped because I wasn’t sure of their intentions and it was a rather large group. The “leader” stopped also, looking at me rather warily. There was a standoff for a moment and I decided to retrace my steps and hope they just went on their way. They were a bit intimidating in their numbers.

As I came out on the road where I had started out, I saw them coming out a bit further down the road. They were sort of milling around, checking out the scene, eating the grass. They were hungry! And, yes, friends — they were also cows. And one bull. It’s perfectly obvious that they are aware of their fate and looking for a hideout. Naturally, they chose us [vegetarians]!

Early Sunday morning they were still roaming around near my house and the house next to mine, eating grass and having a fine time. A girl in the house next to mine opened a window and leaned out to see them. She’d no idea they had been around. As she watched them they started moving away from her house rather quickly. Later, she told me they didn’t like the music she had been playing. I asked what type of music it was and she told me it was Slovenian (she’s from Slovenia). I told her of course they ran away. They wanted Hindi music!

Later, I saw our little friends being rounded up by two gentlemen, shooing them back the way they had come. They seemed resigned to their fate. However, they left evidence of their displeasure all over the road. Now, I really do need my flashlight at night!

Amore e Benedizioni,
Namaste’, Lisa

Assisi, Italy – All Rights Reserved
Assisi, Italy – All Rights Reserved



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