Happy Birthday, Zeke!

Border Collies. I’d no idea. More fun and more energetic than I could have ever imagined. He came into my life during my brief (18 months) stint milking at a cow dairy and although neither of us are there any longer he is still my “puppalicious” (think “puppy” and “delicious”). He lives with a neighbor and friend as there are no dogs allowed on the land where I live, but he visits me daily and enriches my days with his good nature, intelligence, and loving heart.

2-26-2015 Zeke (7)
Zeke – Two Years of Age, All Rights Reserved



7 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Zeke!

  1. What a great companion! I’m glad he is close enough for you to visit every day. That’s got to be hard to say goodbye at the end of the visit! You have done some interesting things in your life, Lisa! Milking at a cow dairy! I guess it’s a good thing you didn’t bond with a cow. ๐Ÿ™‚

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    1. Good Morning, Debra! It is very difficult to let him go back home. I’m just so grateful our neighbor took him on. Yes. The cow dairy. I keep meaning to write a post about it. After overcoming my lifelong fear of cows, I did actually bond with them and one in particular. Hopefully, I’ll be able to encapsulate it all in a post soon. Wishing you a lovely Sunday and coming week ~ Lisa


  2. Happy birthday Zeke!! How wonderful, I actually adopted a border collie 2 days ago! We named him Loki. So far he seems to be intelligent, quick-witted and silly! Do you have any tips for caring for a border collie? I have a beagle and he’ so different!

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    1. Good morning, Elizabeth!You are going to have more fun than you know what to do with! I have done a LOT of research on the breed (which I knew nothing about before Zeke came into my life) and am happy to share. I’m running out the door now, but will “expound” more later. I AM passionate about animals and their care. Tell me, though: how old is your new addition? Wishing you a lovely canine day ~ Lisa


    2. Good Morning, again, Elizabeth! Just briefly ~ Border Collies need LOTS of exercise and mental activity. One of the smartest dogs around. When we first got Zeke he was just two months old and would rest a lot on walks. It wasn’t long until THAT was over. Now I spend at least an hour a day walking and running him. He pants, looks tired. Then we arrive home and he’s like, “Now what?” They can be timid and a bit of a challenge to socialize. Did I mention that they are smart? Oh, and really smart, too. Our Zeke cannot have enough love and affection. The Big Dog (my husband) and I are avid Dog Whisperer fans. We watch his shows and have learned SO much. Exercise, Discipline, and Affection. These will all go far in helping your new doggie to be balanced and happy. Have fun! I hope you post about your new adventure ~ wishing you a lovely day, Lisa


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